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Campaign Simulator --Description

The Campaign Simulator - An attempt to statistically model and predict the outcome of an American presidential election.
The Campaign Simulator is an attempt to statistically model and predict the outcome of an American presidential election. Several users assume the roles of competitive candidates and inflict the repercussions of certain decisions on a GSS based dataset.Campaign Simulator is written in Java and supports all Operating Systems with a Java 1.5 VM (MacOS, Windows, Unix/Linux, etc).Campaign Simulator attempts to model a real world democratic election by allowing several (currently limited to two) opposing parties make decisions all of which cost a certain amount of time and effect a GSS dataset that represents the populace. Due to time, the current version lacks from the original design; the following items need to be addressed to turn a functioning theoretical model into an accurate representation of the electoral system:· Time is not the only limiting variable. In fact, time may not be the proper limit as most operations may be performed in tandem; an economic system that allows fund raising elements should be implemented.· The current choices all utilize the same dataset algorithm to effect the populace in similar ways- this set of scripts should be broadened and deepened as they are too high level.· The Python Architecture needs polishing- the internal IDE is not complete, and the ability to assign scripts to run at differing points in the lifetime of the application has yet to be created.· The installer should place links on the desktops of Mac and Unix/Linux Systems.· Some of the small features planned, such as a GUI for dialog creation, have been cut for the deadline and should be added.

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